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L and M Plumbing is a 3rd Generation plumbing company that has over 30+ years of superior service in the central Michigan area. Almost being a household name comes with great responsibility that L and M prides themselves with taking on. That is why customer service means everything to our organization and it is priority number one! We aim to protect your asset, just like we would our own so please contact us now and witness the difference. Take care and thank you for visiting.

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L and M Services

L and M Plumbing handles general plumbing and maintenance, but we excel in the categories listed and we also save our friends and clients the most with these services. A basic call for a plugged drain is a serious issue, but it is usually an emergency call that will cost a lot so we hope that never happens.

Water Heaters

L and M Plumbing uses preferred brands to ensure our friends and clients do not have to worry about failures...

Water Softeners

Softeners can be installed as whole home or even drinking water systems...

Remodeling and New Construction

Please view some of our project pics to see the possibilities of what your bathroom or kitchen can look like...

Sewer and Water Main Repair

Cast iron replacements can save everyone a lot of money if the work is done before it turns into an emergency service...

Sump Pumps and Battery Backups

Sump pumps are an important part of protecting your home in Michigan...

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L and M Plumbing launches in Fowlerville, Michigan.

With 30+ years of customer service that is second to none. The Owner, John Mills, has made it his cause and belief...

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Water Heaters? Tank or tankless?!

Much debate has surrounded the fairly new option of tankless water heaters.

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Your local plumber that aims to save you time and money. We deliver superior work and that is why we should be your plumber. We cannot wait to meet you.