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Delivering superior plumbing services for over 15 years! Serving Fowlerville, Perry, Okemos, Webberville, Williamston, Byron, Haslett and surrounding areas, so please give us a call soon.

Why Us

Why Choose Our Services Over Others


Customer Satisfaction #1

We are a second generation, family-owned  business, that cares more about you than you think. It is what drives us everyday to do service work. That is how we were raised!


Quality Products

Our organization has been around a bit. That experience is reflected in the brands we offer. The difference can be decades of life in a water heater, versus a one year warranty with strings attached.



Our goal is to be available and respond to inquiries as fast as possible. Being a small family-owned organization, it can sometimes be a challenge but not impossible.

Our Specialties

Ask about our packaged deals for new installs

The Proof Is In The System

At L & M Plumbing we rely on brands like AO Smith in order to ensure the customer that they will get a quality product, backed by a great warranty and built so well that they are graded for commercial use.

Yes, Michigan Has A Hard Water Problem

Now in Michigan, it obviously depends on where you live, but there are many options to get your home water to be tasty instead of stinky. Call anytime to discuss them.

Well Tanks or Pressure Tanks

Technically, every situation is different when it comes to well tanks. Sometimes, there is a need to step it up with the size of a tank. Sometimes it is necessary to downgrade, like when city water comes. We are here to help with decisions, so give us a call.

Sump Pumps or As We Call Them "Saviors"

All too often, it is too late. The losses can be staggering and the repairs costly. If you feel your system is not stable enough, then call us and we can look at it to ensure there will not be swimming pool in your house.

Cast Iron Replacements

It is a fact that the older the house, the more risky the pipes. Discolored water? Smelly water? Patches of beautiful grass? These are just some common warning signs that your cast iron pipes might be bad.


Make Sure You Are Ready For All Michigan Seasons!

Inspection Helps

Call Anytime To Schedule

We appreciate appointments that are kept.

  • We will come out and inspect a detailed list of components and go over the conditions with you.
  • If there are problems then we will walk you through the process, options and knowledge.
  • All quotes will be pricing with the consumer in mind. As stated before, we aim to use high quality units, so please let us know if cost is a huge issue. We understand...

Let us take care of you, your family and your house's plumbing needs. You will not be let down.

Check back for more combined deals!


Our goal is to put together our best deals on complete systems in order to provide value to our customers. That way we can all plan on replacements before we end up regretting it.

Custom Packages

10% Off through the end of February!!!

That's right! If you get more than one component installed, you will enjoy 10% OFF the labor and items.

  • Water heater + Water Softener
  • New Toilet + Sink
  • You name it + You name it

10% OFF!!!


What they're saying about us

When I experienced what a water heater leaking could do to a basement, I was very stressed out. Not only did I need immediate attention, but I needed advice, a quick quote and installation yesterday. John was absolutely a Godsend. He immediately came over and assessed how bad it was, started working to stop any further issues and had a quote and a handshake within no time!

Nate Brown

U of M AS Director, Proud Father

Without L & M Plumbing I have no idea what I would have done. No other plumbers in the area were even answering the phone. I like to think I now have my plumbers for every situation!

Jenot Renoit


Best service ever! Talked me out of making a bad decision on too small of a water heater for my vacation home. Plus, he made my water drinkable with an amazing water purifier system that looked like something out of the movies. John is sweet!

Jack Karls

Business Owner

Not many businesses aim to take care of you so well. Me and my husband now know the Mills' and stay in touch like family. We know we are family.

Martha Kendricks

Mother of Two

Call L and M right meow!


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